Necktie and color psycology, how to cognize the men behind the tie

Necktie and color psycology, how to cognize the men behind the tie
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Green necktie:
Creates an easy balanced ambiance. You can show your sense for harmony and stability. Men wearing green neckties are usually conventional and bounded to traditions. In general they like the nature a lot.

Yellow necktie:
Mostly worn by intelligent men, who like having an autoritarian controlled position. Yellow means beeing interested in details and having an open spirit. Yellow is the colour of the light. The wearer wants to express his positive and optimistic energy with this colour.

Orange necktie:
Stands for a stimulating colour full with energy. The wearer is entusiastic and stands for that what he is doing. It is possible that he has a love for this adventure. Men wearing this colour are open-minded and they like to make someone laugh. Orange supports the conversation and the sense of humour.

Red necktie:
This colour lets his wearer be full with energy. He is extrovert and wants to advance. Read wants to be the eye-catcher. If you are wearing red, it could be that you express a passion and a way of ruthless power. Red neckties are mostly worn by people who like action and drama. Red stands for a strong sexuality.

Turquoise necktie:
Are a sign for open-minded, fresh and easily available characters. The colour comforts the others to care for the affairs of its wearer. Turquoise helps for a clear way of thinking and feeling and therefore it creates a free communication. If you are wearing turquoise you probably want to make a young and brilliant impression.

Magenta necktie:
Shows in general dignity and a big self-confidence. Magenta is mainly worn by catholic priests to present the humbleness and the holiness. Many artists wear this colour to show their creative quality.

Claret necktie:
Are mostly worn by nice and delicate men. Claret embarrasses assection, love and passion. Because of his relation to red it also stands for a strong sexuality, which is sometimes a little manipulative. If you like wearing dark red neckties it could be that you want to become manifest in your sexuality.

Black necktie:
In our society it usually stands for death, funeral and pain. Sometimes people ,who are against the society, wear this colour. It is a colour which denies the light. The wearer doesn’t want to stand in the attention of the people. Black is often worn by people from the church, the government or by people with influence so that they can show authority and power. Traditionally black is the colour of the mysterical, but it also has a high erotical value. Black is also worn by men who wants to appear traditionally and respectable.

Brown necktie:
Is usually connected with stability and earth. Usually its wearer is a man of work, who cares for family and friends. Mostly a practical human being. The men ,wearing a brown necktie, are very self-confident and they know how to reach their goals easily and fast.

White necktie:
Stands for a distant attitude. White reflects all colours and the wearer wants to keep his freshness from the sunlight. But white also presents innocence and clarity. In the orient white presents death, which means the crossover in a spiritual and clear empire.

Blue necktie:
Wear men having a high intellectuality and rank in their life. They reflect peace, silence and sometimes loneliness. It is not an agressive colour and who is wearing it has a high opinion on values like honesty and honour.


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