Psychology of mens fashion

Beurteile die Seite

Necktie-ology or the art to cognize the man wearing the tie

You want to know what type of man you are meeting, look at his necktie and I’ll show you who he is. With a bit of psychology you can see which type of man you get.

The self- confident:
He loves harmony, abstinence and monochromic. Wearing the same coloured drapery as the necktie. He loves nice cloth with new nice graphical samples, but the samples should be discreet. The tie cloth is classical, covered by a waistcoat. He is good at talking about love and conistent but he is not always funny.

The shortspoken:
He is wearing an inconspiciuous, small knot. His necktie reaches exactly his belt. And his prefered colours are dark and very covered.

The sportive:
His tie knot is casual, cuddly and airy. He loves colours, motives and club ties, which are washable and soft. His necktie has a nice broad and is very casual. Sometimes it is a light cloth.

The artist:
He binds his necktie ( if he has talent) with intelligence, which characterizes him, and the way of not being interested in what he is doing. His tie is casual and broad.

The paper-shuffler:
He doesn’t want to show phantasy or imagination at all. He is usually wearing classical combinations. His neckties are monochrome or consantly mustured. His tieknot is perfectly binded, and very geomatrically. On top of that is clothbroad ordinary and very even.

The casanova:
His necktie is very short and his knot is special. He provocates by his whole appearance.

The anarchist:
Sometimes he wears a crawatte and sometimes he doesn’t: If he wears one, he just wants to provocate. he is not interested in the colour or form. Impassionate and heavy, he loves the simple knots and tricks.

The punk:
He loves small ties,…looking like shoelaces: He wants to have abnormal colours, forms and provocating material.


What tell us the color of the necktie a man wears? Here some more informations: colors and ties